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describe picture

i'm going to describe picture number 3, this is located in Singapore, a city with emergent economy, a nice place for business. in the last years very immigrants go to Singapore to start a company or a service, it means, to be an entrepreneur. In the foreground we can see a mother with his daughter enjoying this beautiful country, but the way in the background we can see the luxurious of the city, sky scrapers a Fontaine, between other. the caption tells us "i love being here, where everything seems new", this refers to the modernity of Singapore, as I said before, because is a pontencial economy country.

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news report

England- Since some years ago, the alcholism in England's teenagers started growing up, this thing its  causing controversy, because is a problem that affect all the poblation of this country, teens start drinking, then using drogs and finally they convert in criminals, so if this problem doesn't stop, in a few more years, England will be a chaos.

Doctors have said that the abuse of this substance in teenagers affects the brain seriously, killing neurons... it also affect education of teenagers who drink, they get lazier to study. Parents are losing the control of the parties that they children go to. " I dont know what do my kid with his friends, but always that I come to get it he smells like alcohol". Said Peter Bishop, father of an alcoholic teenager.

These teenagers are most often to be alcoholic when they grow up. A survey says that the 90% of teenagers drinks because of social pressure. This  also happens with cigarretes.
"I like alcohol , it makes me feel very confortable, I accept that I'm a little addict, but I like the sensation that alcohol makes, a party without alcohol isn't a party". Says a 16-years-old  boy. Doctors says that this is going to increase with the years.

cartoon Analysis of Gender stereotypes

picture number 3

in this picture we can see two personas in a room, a man and a woman, doing the same thing, this represents the equality of people. But it doesn't has any mount of respect in the world, because daily women in the world have to deal with rape. The caption tells us the following : "Next year, I'm thinking of taking 'How to avoid Rape', but the pre.requisite courses are ' How to dress', 'How to behave' and 'How to please everyone' ". This told us the way that women's right are violated, because nowdays women have cant dress the way they want, because they are discriminated or sterotyped like a prostituted if they use small clothes, but the way, some people excuses rapers saying that "women tempt they to rape" this is a stupid thing, because no women want to be raped, and it doesn't has any kind of justification is a crime, so please let start respecting women and their rights to. LIBERTY FOR WOMEN.

arriange married

November 15th, I recently waked up and go to check my email. I had one from my parent, it doesn't make sense, cause my dad never use his email, so I was happy in that moment, daddy remember me!, but when I opened it my happiness was gone, it said that I have to carry out the family tradition, Arriange Married. He will come to Chile on December 6th to nail down the marriage.

December 6th. My dad recently leaved my house, the marriage has date, it will be the 21st of december in Delhi. I will marry Fehlya, my dad bussiness associate's daughter. She is very beautiful but I don't love her and she doesn't love me, this will be a madness.

December 21th I'm in Delhi's airport, I run away from the marriage,I can't did it, because I'm playing with my happiness and I dont want to lose it, I hope my dad someday can forgive me, but I'm not repentant, I know I did the best of us, me and Fehlya.

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