miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

news report

England- Since some years ago, the alcholism in England's teenagers started growing up, this thing its  causing controversy, because is a problem that affect all the poblation of this country, teens start drinking, then using drogs and finally they convert in criminals, so if this problem doesn't stop, in a few more years, England will be a chaos.

Doctors have said that the abuse of this substance in teenagers affects the brain seriously, killing neurons... it also affect education of teenagers who drink, they get lazier to study. Parents are losing the control of the parties that they children go to. " I dont know what do my kid with his friends, but always that I come to get it he smells like alcohol". Said Peter Bishop, father of an alcoholic teenager.

These teenagers are most often to be alcoholic when they grow up. A survey says that the 90% of teenagers drinks because of social pressure. This  also happens with cigarretes.
"I like alcohol , it makes me feel very confortable, I accept that I'm a little addict, but I like the sensation that alcohol makes, a party without alcohol isn't a party". Says a 16-years-old  boy. Doctors says that this is going to increase with the years.

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