martes, 30 de junio de 2015

picture describe " Holi Festival"

    The picture that I'm going to describe is about the Holi Festival of Colours. In India, it is an ancient Hindu religious festival, also it's recognize as the festival of love, where all the people of India celebrates equally. This festival is about to throw paint between the participants of this festival.

 In the foreground we can see four women practicing throwing themselves paint, also the colours than we can see are primary colours. Primary colours( red, yellow and blue) respresent happiness just as this festival do. In the background we can see the logo of this festival    
   This picture takes place in the topic of cultural diversity, this festival is a very good example for cultural identity (subtopic), because this represent a tradicional activity of India.

      Some years ago I went to "The Colour Run", It isn't the same , but is similar to Holi Festival. It is about a race where you get coloured while you are running.

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