sábado, 27 de junio de 2015

picture description "Cape Town"

The image that I am going to describe takes place in Africa, in a cape flat to be specific. A cape flat is where black people live.

    The captions refers to the discrimination from black people to coloured people in the present. Also it tell us that in the past it was different. In my opinion in the past it was worse but the discrimination by white people to black people.
     In the middle of the picture we can see the cape flat where coloured people lives. This cape flat is painted with primary colours ( red and yellow). In the bottom left corner we can see a children, he represents all the people children, teens, adults who suffered the apartheid. In the bottom right corner we can see more people.

 This people are from Africa, as the picture represents the African culture. The special of this place is that all the people that live there are looking for the same dream : stop the discrimination.

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