sábado, 27 de junio de 2015


             Dear countrymen, I am talking to you with the reason to tell you the several ways to defeat poverty, but I am going to talk about the principal way, technology.

      A lot of people in the world disacknowledge the important of this tool and how usefull it is in your daily life.

      First of all, in my opinion you disacknowledge this topic. Because you see mobile phones as an electronic gaming device, or just a device in which you can see your social networks those functions Isn't all the mobile's functions can do.

     The mobile phone can be usefull for all the people to get a job, or if you already have job, you can progress in it, but if you are asking yourself how it can help you at the work, here are the reasons:

   If you want to get a job, you can set a job interview, in fact you can look for jobs in internet or trade products.

   My next example is that the mobile phone increases small-business because you can globalize your ideas, so you can trade your products in all the world.
     If you don't believe me, just see Africa. Africa is growing up because they are buying mobile phones.

   Finally I hope you understand why you have to buy a mobile phone and start being technological people.

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